Proxy; an esports talent agency

Proxy operates at the intersection of gaming, esports and live streaming culture. We are cultivating relationships between innovative brands and gaming’s finest talent.

Joining the Proxy team was my first introduction in the gaming and esports industry, outside of UCLA Esports. Through the company, I have learned valuable skills. As the Head of Design for Proxy, I am tasked with responsibilities like designing and managing their website, designing pitches, and social media graphics.

my role + tools

Web design & development Social media designs Pitchdeck designs

The team



When I was tasked to redesign the previous website (one that was done by a design agency), I thought that it was quite a daunting task for one person to do.

The previous site design had several issues with it that caught my eye.

  1. The website was very outdated, and when new talent joined, they would charge a large amount of money to just modify the website.
  2. The text and content hierarchy wasn't very clear.
  3. Lacked content about the company's values and people.

I overcame my initial fears about having to build and maintain a website on my own, and went through the process of designing the wireframe on Figma. In my initial design shown below, it was going to be a one page website with some information, like the previous website.


When making my Figma design come to life through code from scratch, I ran into some problems:

  1. The amount of talent is not a small pool like before, as we have had more join in the last year. Therefore, they all cannot fit in a one pager type of website.
  2. There was a lack of visual animations and interactions.
  3. We wanted to showcase our past work somehow, through case studies.

Then, I conducted competitor analysis and came up with solutions for each of these points:

  1. Created a dedicated page for talent and added their social links.
  2. Added fade and hover effects, and animated gradients and graphics. Additionally, I added a new section with a draggable globe.
  3. First, I added a section to the home page for case studies. However, I wanted to go more in-depth with our work, and created a dedicated page for case studies.

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