Mouse Chase

Mouse Chase is an asymmetrical multiplayer board game adapted from the classic arcade game Pac-Man. The three cats, Lulu, Coco, and Chuchu work together to try to eat the mouse, Dodo. Dodo tries to avoid getting eaten while and collecting cheese, lemon drops, and candy to try to win the game.

my role + tools

Graphic design (Figma) Laser cutting (Adobe Illustrator) Printing (Adobe InDesign)

The team



Using Adobe Illustrator and Figma, I designed the branding, the game board, 30 cards, 4 game pieces, and the rulebook. I used a laser cutter for the game board and the pieces and glued the pieces together. I wanted to go for a warm and cute aesthetic for this board game, so I chose to use birch wood as my main material, and brown and yellow acrylic for the mouse traps and cheese.


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