Dear mom & dad

Dear Mom & Dad is a project that was ideated in light of AAPI month.

Although no two immigration experiences are the same, many of them are more similar than what one would assume. We built this website to bring all of these experiences together. As children of immigrant parents, we understand that there are many others like us who struggle to communicate with our parents in a healthy way. When these feelings are contained in their own little vacuums, it's difficult to feel understood or connected. Dear Mom & Dad is designed to be a safe space for the second generation— children, siblings, grandchildren, nieces, nephews— to share what they want to express to their immigrant elders. Here, we welcome the whole spectrum of human emotions; fear, empathy, anger, gratitude, anxiety, love.

In order to keep our community a protected yet inclusive place for catharsis, a group of like-minded individuals will be lightly moderating each submitted post. Your letter should be up on our website within 24 hours of submission and you may contact support to resolve any issues. To keep members private, we have an “anonymous” option for letter writers and commenters. As our community grows, we will be making adjustments as necessary.

To be inclusive of those whose family situations are different, we have an everchanging slogan that retypes itself every second, addressing different types of family members. Our colors are brown to represent land and blue to represent water, as a visual representation of the immigration of these individuals' families.

my role + tools

Web development & design

The team

Vivian Nguyen Serena Tie




Although there is no back-end available yet, I was learning HTML + CSS while I was tackling this project, so by the end of it, I felt proficient in simple front-end development. Our concept garnered positive feedback and reactions. Moving forward, I would love to make this platform become a reality, or an even bigger project.